BUNAR LIPIDS PRIVATE LIMITED is a Hyderabad, India based ISO 9001:2015 certified company founded in 2016 which is into Manufacturing, Research and Development in the areas of Lipid Technology, Nutraceuticals, Food Science and Nutrition. Our Journey started with teaming up with a group of Oil technologists and Bio scientists which led to the realization of a need and scope for food innovation.

We associated ourselves with some of the prestigious universities in Telangana like Osmania University, Professor Jayashankar Telangana State University and Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad where we hired groups of interns headed by Department heads to specifically study lipid technology, food science and nutrition. After more than 3 years of learning and findings, we established a manufacturing facility with the latest analytical laboratory to do commercial production. We are also associated with some of the great minds in respective technologies in United States and Canada who help us with the latest developments. We are certified by AGMARK and HACCP to ensure the best quality standards for customers.

BUNAR is dedicated to channel the potential of science and technology to innovate food. Food Innovation intended to confront the multiplying health concerns, a concern addressed not after it manifests as an ailment but mending eating habits highly impacted by the busy work day. Food choices are made based on availability rather than gauging the nutritional needs of the body. We at BUNAR, strive to bridge this gap by enriching daily intake through careful selection, blending and fortification of everyday consumables.

Our Areas of Study

  • Lipid Technology
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Food Science & Nutrition

Unlike western countries, most food processing and manufacturing MSME industries in India do not invest in Research and Development. BUNAR invests in the 3-step process encompassing Food science that deals with identifying the source of nutrition, procuring the right ingredients, studying the analytical and nutritional parameters; Food Engineering which involves the process of manufacturing, extracting or blending and fortification of the various available foods and ingredients to develop and deliver better nutrition.

The third step incorporates Food digestion studies. Development of functional food products entails not just the identification of functional ingredients such as dietary micronutrients and antioxidants but also understanding the way it is modified after consumption for maximum benefit. BUNAR Goal - address malnutrition and obesity issues in parallel; a concern that is becoming more common in developing countries.

Edible oil as a medicine has been a practice in the Indian sub-continent for 1000s of years. Edible oil industry is continuing to grow and is en route to make a significant effect on economy and areas of health and nutrition. Edible oil consumed as is, contains traditional nutrients but when fortified with micronutrients has application as a functional food. Micronutrients are not only part of pharmaceuticals but an alternative to dietary supplements when consumed through fortification. Consumers embracing blending and fortification conveys that edible oil industry loaded with options of health and wellness is gaining prominence.

By knowing how food is processed and absorbed in the body, we can customize products to reap maximum benefits from our diet. We re-engineer products after knowing the way it is absorbed and processed in the body. We also custom manufacture commercial frying oils that has extended frying time capability, also extending shelf life of the products fried.

Industries we serve


  • Pharmaceutical Blends
  • Energy Drinks
  • Functional Foods

Industrial Blends

  • Best for Industrial Fryers
  • Economical Blends
  • Custom Blends to Suit Foods
  • Chocolate Oil Blends

Domestic Cooking Blends

  • Nutritional Blends
  • Saute Oils
  • Frying Oils


  • Mayonnaise and Ranch