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Welcome to Bharathi Communications

The Bharathi Communication was launched 16 years ago. Under its umbrella, organizations like the Ajantha Public Relations and Innoware Health Communications function as sister organizations. It chiefly works as a information and public relations organization in the realm of community communications and provides multi-modal communications to the target communities – both rural as well as the urban.


Our Creative Campaigns

Chief Executive Officer

  • GBK Murthy, CEO of the Bharati Communicat- ion has over 25 years of experience in both journalism and public relations. He draws from his vast pool of experience of working as a PR Consultant for Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu and a India coordinator....

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  • To bring the end users and the service and product providers, Bharathi Communications also organizes exhibitions on a regular basis. Chiefly, healthcare expos have been a huge hit in the Telugu States. This is another vertical of Bharathi Communications.

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  • Recognising major contributors – both individuals as well as organizations – in the realm of social life and public sphere is a major activity of Bharathi Communications. We felicitate people who made exemplary contributions in various fields.

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  • " Mr Murthy’s services to our hospital are truly memorable. His creative campaigns have helped boost our publicity and popularity. The weekly review meetings with Mr Murthy were refreshing and inspring. "
  • - Dr Nandakishore, CEO
  •   Livelife Group of Hospitals
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