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Want more bounce rate? Here's what you should consider.

January 29 2022


Maintaining a social connection with your customers is great. However, none of these attempts are important if the visitor does not stay long enough to perform the desired action (or activity other than bounce). The reasons for this to happen are:

1. It's Not Mobile-Friendly

More than 90% of retail shoppers use a graphic tablet or  smartphone to research a desired service or goods or to purchase something. Put money into another mobile site or upgrade your  site with fixed measurements  for smaller screens. Use minimal bells and whistles to reduce possible page load issues  and provide more space around icons or clickable buttons.

2. Slow Page Load

Visitors have a tendency to move some place else for what they`re looking for if it takes longer than 5 seconds for a web page to load. Load instances is probably bogged down through widgets, content improvements, images, useless or obsolete code, or a internet site host with a sluggish server.

3. Content Doesn't Supply Clarity

If visitors to your website don't have a clear idea of ​​what you offer or what makes your competition and your products or services different, they may run away. pretty fast. Use descriptive headings, lots of subheadings, and brief paragraphs for extra clarity.

4. Text Is Hard to Read

Hard-to-read fonts, randomly colored or underlined  paragraphs, and small text-size sentences or words make your website text  hard to read and even annoying. Avoid attaching text and background colors that make you unreadable, and ensure that text placed on top of the  background pictures is not illegible.

5. Excessive Popups

The types of pop-ups that constantly or immediately ask visitors to join your newsletter or other types that keep popping up can be incredibly frustrating for returning visitors. Additionally, using autoplay videos tends to distract from more important content.

6. Disproportionate Visuals

Visuals and images only enhance website content if they are not too distracting. Size the images or  videos you use on your website appropriately so that visitors aren't overwhelmed when they arrive. Instead, you want to find a great mix of written and video content to increase the appeal of your web pages.

7. A Lot Of Advertising

It is not necessary to fill in all the available blanks on your website. This can lead to your main message being obscured by excessive advertisements. Show your ad in your content so visitors can focus on your text and leave it blank.

8. Delusory SEO Strategies

Misleading keywords and phrases or images can generate clicks, but visitors won't care if the content presented isn't relevant to what got them there in the first place. 
Make sure to  set up or configure a Google Analytics account, if you haven't already. Accessible data shows what activities your visitors perform most often, where your web traffic comes from, and how long people stay on each page of your site.

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