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About Us

Aakruti is a Hyderabad, India based organization. We are in this business for past 5 years. The brains that work behind are all hard working and experienced people. We believe in understanding the client, then providing the best solution. The path that we have traveled has taught us to see the big picture and then lay the solution graphs for the client. We understand the internal and external environment of the clients business and then provide the solution.

The team that works for Aakruti does a complete research on every aspect of your business and then gives you the solution. Be it a design or any technical help the team is well equipped to handle all the changes the market faces.

Why Aakruti Solution for your Business??

Aakruti Integrated Solution provides online and offline business communications. We are a one stop station for your entire communication problem. In this highly competitive environment when there is so much to add to once business we ease you out of the business communication part. Now you can focus on your core competency and leave this section on the capable hands of Aakruti.


The aim of our business is very simple; it is to provide answer to your question. By this we mean that every business has an identity of its own thus the solution should be that business centric. We customize the solution according to your business needs.

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